Since July 5th, The Black Student Fund (BSF), in collaboration with the Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) has implemented a Summer Youth Employment Program with a strong educational/workforce training focus. Our summer youth students have developed WordPress websites with blog on diverse topics students ranging from basketball player wages to early motherhood.
In addition to the web development class, some of the students are participating in the photography component. In this module, students are instructed in the use of digital cameras and techniques, then tour the Georgia Avenue corridor archiving the present architecture. Recently, the students and instructor were granted access to the Walter Reed Campus taking pictures of the various buildings for posterity.
It is BSF and GABIDDC’s hope that these students leave this summer program with a viable skill that can be leveraged in future job opportunities.



BSF Institute for Cultural Inclusion (ICI)


The Institute for Cultural Inclusion is designed to assist BSF Member Schools in building inclusive, equitable learning environments.  ICI offers a series of professional development courses in cross-cultural communication for education professionals and administrators.  To create and sustain equitable, inclusive learning environments for all children, ICI course offerings provide pragmatic approaches for educators to expand their knowledge and techniques in teaching from a culturally and racially broadened perspective.  ICI (previously known as ERE) has graduated more than 600 heads of school, faculty, and administrators.  ICI and EEN contribute to the recruitment and retention of African American faculty, administrators, and students in independent schools. 


Essential Support Services



Is a comprehensive set of programs, BSF Scholars and their families are afforded the necessities that allow students to focus on their education.  The program, when needed, meets the fundamental life-necessities of the entire family with food, clothing, and crisis intervention.  These services distinguish the BSF from basic scholarship programs and account for much of the BSF’s remarkable retention and college entry rates.


Independent School Recruitment and Referral Program

The BSF Independent School Recruitment and Referral Program focuses on increasing the enrollment of Black scholars at independent schools. To this end, we provide educational recommendations and assistance with applications procedures through a series of workshops and individual counseling.


Summer Programs

BSF Summer Enrichment Programs offer Scholars academic and recreational opportunities by sponsoring enrollment to residential and day camps in the Washington DC metropolitan area and nearby states.


Supplemental Grant Program

Black Student Fund awards tuition supplemental grants, in conjunction with grants from our Member Schools, to black children of modest financial means attending academically challenging institutions, grades pre-kindergarten through 12. Supplemental grant decisions are based on the family’s financial need, the academic promise of the student and our available funds.

To protect the privacy of our students, BSF supplemental grants are not available to students who receive grants from organizations that do not have a written non-disclosure policy. The Black Student Fund values the privilege of helping, and maintains certain practices and policies to insure the integrity of the giving process. Disclosure of one’s financial need undermines any chance of attaining equitable status. It worsens the already unleveled playing field, hampers self-esteem development, violates confidentiality and serves no useful purpose for the students.

Black Student Fund and the Member Schools maintain the confidentiality of BSF Scholars and their grant amounts. The Fund does not support the use of student grant recipients for fundraising purposes or as research subjects.