November 2012, BSF Executive Director Essay Appears in The Washington Times

Image to Print ArticleAn essay by BSF Executive Director Jeanie Collins Carr appeared in the October 31, 2012 edition of The Washington Times in the newspaper’s “Communities” section.


The essay entitled “Speaking of Family,” ran under the headline: “Unleashing potential and promise in our youth by building educational bridges.”
Ms. Carr’s essay highlights Black Student Fund’s mission and focuses on making exceptional educational opportunities available for all students. “Just as a bridge connects people and communities, a bridge can connect two small towns. I would like to think that we build bridges for children in the National Capital Area allowing them to attend an independent school that is the “best fit” for both the student and their family,” writes Ms. Carr.
The essay also emphasizes the importance of cultural and racial inclusion in the classroom: “Our BSF slogan ‘Preparing Children for Life’ can only be achieved by creating diverse educational environments in which students, educators, and administrators from racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds benefit from regular interaction.”
Read the complete article by using this link: Speaking of Family, and let us know your thoughts!


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