Apply to BSF


BSF scholars are committed to academic excellence. The BSF application process seeks to identify students who will achieve academic excellence and families who will work toward academic excellence. BSF only selects and funds students at BSF Member Schools.


The BSF Scholar application has two steps. Step One is completing the online application. BSF will then identify families who will be considered for Step Two. Families who are identified for Step Two will be asked to submit additional information and attend an interview.


The Application is currently closed.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the number of BSF Member schools? (this will be a link to a list of BSF member schools)
A: Fifty Two


Q: What is the application fee?

A: The Application to BSF is free.


Q: Will BSF accept students who are not attending a Member School?
A: No, BSF only accepts students who are attending a Member School.


Q: Does BSF accept applications for Elementary, Middle and High School?
A: Yes, all grades Pre-K – 12.


Q: When will BSF notify applicants about their decision?

A: On or before May 1, 2016


Q: Do current BSF scholars have to reapply?
A: Yes, scholars must reapply annually.


Q: Where should I direct any questions?

A: Call the BSF office at 202 387 1414.